Distroname and release: Knoppix

NTFS Write with Knoppix

Knoppix version 6.0

It is very simple to get NTFS write support with Knoppix.
As default it uses the "normal" read only NTFS module if you try to mount an NTFS partition. Therefor just specify ntfs-3g as a module when mounting and it should be working.

Using the default ntfs driver, will give you this error.
Operation not permitted
Mounting with ntfs-3g module
(We asume that the disk is /dev/sda1 and mountpoint is /media/sda1)
#mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/sda1
You should now be able to write to the NTFS partition. If not, according to the Knoppix faq, "other filesystems" will be mounted as RO, and a remount with read and write rights, should be possible.
#mount -o remount,rw /media/sda1

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